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Redirect the money you are already spending on human hair purchase and start turning that expenditure into an investment.

Your initial product purchase of $300.00 puts you on the fast track of profiting from the billion dollar human hair industry.

As a certified Adelle Influencer our Tell2 program gives you four ways to earn money:


01IP Commissions of 20% on the initial purchase (IP) amount of the people YOU tell who join.

02Tell Commissions of 5% on the initial purchase of the people THEY tell who join.

03Team Commissions of 5% of the monthly sales of your entire team forever (yeah we're not kidding).

04Bonus Commissions. Plus layer your income by receiving bonus commissions on top of what you're already earning.

There is no limit to how big your business can be.

So imagine earning thousands of dollars extra each month on top of your regular income. Imagine what you can do with this - mortgage payments, trips, clothes, shoes - or that car you've dreamed of.
Not bad for just changing where you buy your hair and telling 2.

Training, Tools & Support

As an Adelle Influencer we supply you with the tools, systems, training and expertise you need to succeed while helping the members of your network build their financial freedom. Be it a hobby, part-time of full-time.

Personalized E-Commerce Website

  • Sell to anyone in the world
  • Clients can place their orders directly on your website
  • Promote yourself

Membership in Adelle's Private Online Network

  • Be part of a team Adelle's global team sharing a wealth of ideas and experience
  • Access Adelle logos, graphics and banners
  • Download forms, flyers and training material
  • Adelle U (videos, webinar, documents, process)
  • Ask questions, get answers
  • Coaching
  • Advice on how to use social media to grow your network


  • Business cards
  • Hair texture ring
  • Hair colour ring
  • Lace colour ring
  • Hair curl rings