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How to care for my Ohhh Adelle Lace Wig and Hair Extensions.



What are the three most important things for me to remember?

Your Ohhh Adelle product is 100% human hair and as such it requires much more care than synthetic. Without the proper treatment, your hair extensions or lace wig will start to tangle, shed and get damaged quickly.

The three most important things to remember are:

  1. Be gentle
  2. Keep it clean
  3. Use good products
Should I use a brush or a comb?

You can use either a brush or a wide tooth comb. Always comb or brush hair from the bottom up in small sections at a time while holding the hair as to not pull from the root. Be gentle. For tight curly hair, please detangle it using diluted conditioner and your fingers before using the wide tooth comb. Do not comb or brush tightly curled hair when it is dry, otherwise it will cause tangling and matting.

What hair care products should I be using?

There are a variety of very good products that you can use. Check our Pinterest board for some ideas of brands. Use shampoos that are sulphate free. Use conditioners with silicones, especially those formulated for dry, coarse or curly hair. These products smooth the hair fibers by coating the hair shaft in a thin layer of protection that allows the strands to move freely and easily past one another. Since the hair is not growing from the scalp, silicone products are used to mimic traditional natural oils that occur in the hair called lipids. Lipids are the hair’s naturally-protective layer that gives hair its natural sheen and damage protection. Look for products that have ingredients ending in “cone and xane”. It’s also recommended that you use a leave-in conditioner made of water and conditioner. Serums can also be used depending on your styling preference.

Is it possible to over condition?

The hair loves conditioner, but yes it’s possible to over condition. If you co-wash or use a lot of leave-in conditioner then build-up can occur which can lead to tangling. So get in the practice of using the sulfate-free shampoo to gently remove access product.

What products should I avoid?

Avoid hair products that contain alcohol. Alcohol makes hair dry.

How should I wash the hair?
  1. Detangle hair gently before washing by spritzing it with leave-in conditioner and gently finger detangling. Do not rub or twist hair
  2. Add mild shampoo to cool water and swish hair till clean. Rinse thoroughly.
  3. Use your hands to squeeze out the excess water. Apply your conditioner directly on the hair. Comb through gently.
  4. You can put the hair into a zip lock bag and leave it for an hour to deep condition the hair.
  5. Rinse in cold water.
  6. Blot out excess water with towel.
  7. Comb curly hair gently with your fingers from end to top, then use a wide tooth comb. Do not brush
  8. Brush straighter hair in a downward motion starting with the ends. Work your way up to the roots.
  9. We recommend you let the hair air dry. If you do choose to blow dry, use the low/cool setting.
Can I use a flat iron or curling iron?

Yes, you can use a flat iron or a curling iron, but we recommend using an ionic flat iron on medium or medium/high setting. You should also use a good heat protector when using hot appliances.

Do you have any tips for styling the hair?

You can pretty much style the hair like you would your own hair. Experiment with things like bantu-knots and twist outs to give your hair a different pattern. Although you can cut and color the hair yourself, we recommend that you ask your stylist before attempting any styling techniques that you are unsure of. Check our Pinterest board for style inspiration. Or post your questions on our Facebook page.

Can I swim with my hair on?

Yes you can swim with it on. It’s recommended that you use a swim cap made with latex ensuring that the hair is free of tangles and secured in two braids. If you are unable to wear a swim cap, then dampen your hair a bit and apply conditioner to it. Carefully comb out any tangles that may be present starting from the bottom and working your way up. Put it into two pig tails and secure the ends. Wash the hair immediately after swimming! When dirt and sweat accumulates, hair mattes, tangles, and becomes unmanageable.

Can I sleep with it on?

Yes you can, however NEVER SLEEP ON WET HAIR. Make sure your hair is completely dry before you go to bed. It is also recommended to wrap your hair using a satin wrap or gently use a ponytail band and tie it up on top of your head to prevent tangling.