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  • How To Protect Your Human Hair Products Before And After Swimming

    Protecting your natural hair from sun, sweat, salt water, and chlorine is very important. Protecting your hair extensions and lace wigs from the elements is equally as important. Without proper care, your luxurious head of hair can turn into a tangled mess, regardless of how much you paid for it. The bigger the investment, the bigger the concern, so take care of those tresses during the heat of summer.

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  • DIY Hair Oil : Oils That Promote Healthy Hair Growth

    I recently wrote an article about how I stopped using expensive cosmetic store products, and started using products from my kitchen. If you missed that article, check it out here. One of my favorite DIY products is the hair and body oil. It’s made up of a combination of seven different oils. The oils combine nicely to form a nutrient rich oil that penetrates the hair shaft, adds shine and moisture, while promoting hair growth.

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  • Top 10 Secrets To Our Favourite Celebrity Hairstyles - Hair Hacks

    “Love that hairstyle How can I get that look?” From celebrity styles to street styles- we love Pinterest for all things hair. It not only gives us “hair-spiration” but it’s loaded with tips and tricks on how we achieve various hair styles. We’ve assembled a few favourite hair hacks courtesy of Pinterest. Got a favourite? Let us know.

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  • A Transformative Hair Day In The Life Of Ohhh Adelle's Creative Director

    I was lucky enough to have a mother who embraced natural hair, so I’ve always had natural hair. I haven’t even colored my hair (even though I was tempted to try Sun-in as a preteen). I wish I can say that I worked hard to achieve my mid-back length hair, but truth be told I think it was a combination of a lot of protective styling of braiding by my mother, of which I vehemently protested, but thank her today for not listening to – coupled with good genes and my strong belief in getting regular trims. Although to this very day I enter a slight depression every time my stylist trims my hair.

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  • Celebrity Hair Crush: Robyn ‘Rihanna’ Fenty

    Bajan beauty Robyn ‘Rihanna’ Fenty has been rocking the fashion and hair world since her first hit ‘Pon De Replay’ which was released in summer 2005. She has had numerous hairstyles and has ‘slayed’ every time, so much so, that we can’t decide which is our favorite. Check out some of the looks below and let us know which one is your favorite.

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  • Hair Comes The Bride - 10 Bridal Hairstyles To Inspire

    Up, down, twirl, braid, twist, flatten, straighten or curl? What’s a bride to do with her hair? We got a few ideas that might help you on your special day. Check out the images below, and then head over to the Pinterest board.

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  • The Business Of Hair – It’s A Man’s World

    James Brown was oh so right when he penned those lyrics. It’s a man’s world, especially in the hair care industry. The hair care industry is booming totaling more than $50B annually. The human hair market has an annual income of $9B USD and is growing at an astonishing rate of 40% annually. And men are reaping huge profits.

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  • Get the Look: This Week’s Best of Celeb Hair

    We rounded up this week’s best in celebrity hair as seen on our Pinterest – see below for your favourite celebs and how you can the Get the Look with Ohhh Adelle Human Hair Extensions and Lace Wigs!

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  • Is My Wig Covered? How To Get Your Insurance To Pay For Your Wig

    For women who suffer with Alopecia due to genetics or environmental the physiological effects of losing your hair can attack your self-esteem and eventually touch on other areas of your life. Purchasing the correct type of wig for your hair condition can greatly change your outlook. However, purchasing a wig that does not look like a “wig” can often be financially challenging. Ideally you would want to purchase a wig that mimics your natural hair and one that has longevity.

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  • A Dozen Things all Wig Wearers Can Relate to

    Wearing a wig is like joining a sisterhood - with that comes a whole round of relatable experiences here are twelve hallmark moments of wearing a wig!

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